Can the Board and staff actions be questioned?

Any person or entity materially affected by an action or inaction of ICANN may request reconsideration of that action by the ICANN Board. The right to request reconsideration by the Board is established by Article V of the ICANN Bylaws, which requires that the requestor to show that it has been adversely affected by:

a) One or more staff actions or inactions that contradict established ICANN policy(ies); or

b) One or more actions or inactions of the ICANN Board that have been taken, or not taken, without consideration of material information, unless the requesting party could have (but did not) submit the information for the Board’s consideration at the time of action or refusal to act; or

c) One or more actions or inactions of the ICANN Board that have been taken as a result of the Board’s reliance on false or inaccurate material information.

Any person materially affected by any actions or failures to act by or within ICANN committed by the Board, individual Directors, Officers, or Staff members that he or she asserts is inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws may submit a request for independent review of that action or inaction. In order to be materially affected, the person must suffer injury or harm that is directly and causally connected to the Board’s alleged violation of the Bylaws or the Articles of Incorporation.

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